Episode 122: Career Summits Are For the Entire Military Family

February 12, 2019

Join Hiring Our Heroes Andrea Hutchins and Marnie Holder as they discuss the updated Summits program. Ever wondered who or when you should attend a Career Summit?  Listen is as they discuss how Summits have transformed to be more inclusive of the entire military family.  

Episode 119: Fellowships, They’re Not All Alike

January 22, 2019

The Hiring Our Heroes Corporate Fellowship Program has been growing rapidly since its inception just a few short years ago. With nearly an 80% offer rate being extended to fellows participating in each cohort - the program is enjoying success for both companies and fellows alike. Today's podcast with LaQuinta's Derek Blake and U.S. Air Force Captain Caleb Leestma takes a look into the unique offerings of the Education With Industry Fellowship Program through the U.S. Air Force. Much like our Corporate Fellowship Program, the Education With Industry Fellowship allows active duty service members the opportunity to train with industry while still serving.  Listen in as we discuss the unique benefits of participating in a fellowship and why the U.S. Air Force allows active duty service members to train with industry while still active duty.  

Episode 118: It’s A Tough Nut To Crack; Somebody Has To Take The Lead And Make it Happen

January 15, 2019

Our Military Spouse (MSEAC) and Veteran Advisory Council's (VEAC) come together 3 times per year to identify best practices for recruiting and retaining veterans and military spouses. Hiring and retaining top talent can truly be a tough nut to crack, but these individuals are formally committed to leading the way. Join Prudential's Jim Beamesderfer, as he discusses the innovative overseas initiatives Prudential has taken-on to tackle military spouse employment issues overseas. Stay tuned as U.S. Army veteran, Frank Stanley and U.S. Marine veteran, Tom Dowd with Cushman & Wakefield go for a deep-dive in to their veteran and corporate fellowship programs at Cushman & Wakefield.  Learn more about the work of our MSEAC and VEAC members here.  

Episode 117: Opening Doors

January 8, 2019

Recorded live during our Veteran and Military Spouse Hiring Council meeting at Capital One, this episode is jam-packed full of leaders in the veteran and military spouse recruiting and retention space. Join us as we sit down with Booz Allen Hamilton's Kathy Breeze and Laura Schmiegel; Toyota Personal Brand Ambassador and President of FASTPORT, Adam Rocke; Indeed's Andrew Dennis. Learn more about Hiring Our Heroes MSEAC and VEAC Advisory Councils.  

Episode 116: It’s better than it was 5 years ago, but there’s a long way to go….

December 26, 2018

Join Toyota Personal Branding Ambassador Dakota Meyer and Director of Military Spouse Programs, Elizabeth O'Brien as they sit down with Jeff Duff and Grant Johnston to discuss the unique opportunities and myriad success stories for the transitioning service members, miitary spouses, and veterans who have joined Airstreams. With a 90% job offer rate - Airstreams has long been involved in the military employment space. Listen in as they discuss how the military employment landscape has changed over the last five years and what they are doing to ensure that change continues. Learn more about the Personal Branding Initiative.

Episode 115: What’re You Gonna Do? Where Are Ya Gonna Go?

December 18, 2018

Join Dakota Meyer and co-host Liz O'Brien at Camp Pendleton, Calif. where they sit down with former Toyota VP, Don Esmond. Don shares his experiences as a former marine and a Toyota VP. With over 50 years of professional experience, Don's personal story of transition is a great testament to why we all need a plan. Learn more about the impact companies, like Toyota, are making through our Veteran Advisory Council.  

Episode 114: It’s All About The Long Game

December 11, 2018

Join Dakota Meyer and HOH's Liz O'Brien as they sit down with Tom Downs, Senior Manager, Diversity Talent Acquisition at Capital One to discuss their unique military hiring strategy. Listen in as he shares Capital One's military engagement is strategy and why, he believes, veteran and military hiring has been a key factor at  putting Capital One in a position to win the long game. 

Episode 113: 77 Years Later and the Impact Is Still Being Felt

December 6, 2018

Join Toyota Personal Branding Ambassadors (and veterans) Dakota Meyer and Brad Snyder as they discuss the impact of Pearl Harbor on today’s generations. Listen in as Brad talks about what it’s like to be a Paralympian, learn why they both believe happiness is a choice, and hear firsthand their personal stories of transition troubles, triumphs, and more. Learn more about the Personal Branding Initiative.

Episode 112: Change From the Inside Out

December 4, 2018

Join Dakota Meyer and HOH's Liz O'Brien as they sit down with Derek Blake, Vice President of Marketing and Military Programs for La Quinta Inns & Suites, as he discusses the unique military hiring strategy at La Quinta. Listen in as he shares examples of how La Quinta's military engagement has changed the company from the inside out. Learn more about La Quinta Inns & Suites' military hiring programs.